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Research paper - Addition

Basing on to the calculation of the student research project this addition should widen the analysis found out equations for higher velocity of current.

This student research project entailed tide current situations like they are at the German North Sea coast. The velocity at the German North Sea coast is about 1-2 m/s.
In foreign coastal areas (like Norwegian fjords) there are much higher tidal currents with a velocity of more than 4 m/s.

At velocity of current with constant 4 m/s the result are like this at the given System configuration:

    number of blades 5
    outside radius ra = 4m
    inside radius ri = 1,5m
    extension of blades b = 20m
sequel basic data:
    optimal angular speed w = 0,4 rad/s
    Adequate revolution nan = 3,8 U/min
    Drive torque Man = 575KNm
    Average capacity P = 230KW

The sequel diagram adequate extends copy 6.3 (page 45) and 7.1(page 46) from this research paper (only available in German; -> Veröffentlichungen -> Regnererative Energie).